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A Journey of Love and Forgiveness

Kalusturinda, the Carnival of Forgiveness - The Celebration of Two Peoples Challenging Their Deepest Prejudices ...​

In the northwestern part of Putumayo, Colombia, lies the “Valle de Sibundoy,” an area abundant in water in the Colombian Andes. Within this region, two ancient Aboriginal groups coexist harmoniously, safeguarding their territories, spirituality, unique culture, and Aboriginal language. Annually, they jointly celebrate the Kalusturinda and Bëtsknaté carnivals, known as the “Carnival of Forgiveness” in Spanish. This festival serves as a time to honor the past, present, and future, characterized by a vibrant procession of music and dance winding through the town, culminating in a special ceremony at the central church. Yet, the true essence of this carnival is more than that.

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"True forgiveness - stopping blame and granting forgiveness is a task that requires humility and deep respect for others"

The Inga people, an indigenous ethnic group in southwestern Colombia, have historical connections to the Inca civilization of Peru and speak the Inga dialect of the Quechua language. Residing in the Sibundoy Valley, the Ingas coexist with the Camëntsá People. Despite complex historical conflicts, they chose forgiveness when confronted by the arrival of Spanish conquistadors, embarking on a transformative journey of reconciliation.

Kalusturinda commences each year on the Friday preceding Catholic “Ash Wednesday,” commencing with a family pilgrimage that evolves into a grand procession. During this process, visits are made to friends and relatives to seek forgiveness from the elders of each family, uttering the phrase “Divi Divichidu,” meaning “lend me your carnival” or “lend me your music.” It signifies an obligation to celebrate and reciprocate the joy bestowed upon them.

Finally, the procession converges upon the central square, where a sacrificial ceremony involving a rooster takes place. For this community, the rooster symbolizes suffering, the rejection of violence, and the embrace of forgiveness inflicted upon the indigenous people by the colonizers. The day concludes with priests chanting hymns in praise of nature, offering prayers for the blessings of the land, sun, moon, water, and trees. Dancing and singing together, they joyfully mark the beginning of a new cycle of life. This carnival symbolizes transformation: through two consecutive days of celebration, each person expresses mutual forgiveness and solidarity. The event embodies their collective desire to release past divisions and progress toward harmony.

In a world plagued by conflicts and various anxieties, a renewed focus on ancient traditions can lead us down alternative paths of forgiveness, peace, and happiness.

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Bomboná Amazon Forgiveness Collection

Earrings of Forgiveness

Our mission is to give Colombia’s rich cultural heritage a fresh, modern perspective. We are honored to introduce the Amazon-inspired earring series, a captivating collaboration with the Inga community. This series showcases a collection of exquisite handmade earrings that pay homage to the Inga cultural heritage and the awe-inspiring Amazon rainforest. Each pair of earrings is meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors and enchanting shapes found within the rainforest. They encapsulate the raw essence of nature and the intricate beading craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations of the Inga community. By acquiring these unique handmade accessories, you not only acquire a beautiful adornment but also become a part of a compelling narrative of resilience, cultural inheritance, and shared growth. Let us embrace forgiveness, cherish nature, and together create a brighter future.

Waterfall Series

Forest Green

Lake Green

Feather Series

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