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The Tale of Colombia's Carriel Bags

The Carriel bag's origins trace back to 19th-century Colombia, specifically Antioquia, and its story is closely woven with the history of Colombian coffee

Rooted in Colombia’s rich coffee heritage, the Carriel emerged as an indispensable companion for muleteers involved in coffee collection. It embodies the fusion of Colombian coffee culture and global recognition, symbolized by Juan Valdez, South America’s largest coffee chain, characterized by a man wearing a broad-brimmed hat, carrying a Carriel bag, and guiding a horse loaded with coffee

Image / Muleteer with the iconic Carriel bag. Source / Terra Colombia
Image / Juan Valdez, Colombia's premier coffee brand. Source /

「The Carriel: the Guardian of Your Most Precious Treasures」

The name “Carriel” is derived from the English words Carry All. With abundant compartments and hidden pockets, its accordion-like design enabled it to carry all essential items in an era when roads were scarce in the Andes Mountains. These journeys, spanning days or even weeks, often involved transporting coffee, vital supplies, and messages via horses or donkeys through mountains and valleys.

These expeditions demanded a diverse range of necessities, from work-related items like receipts and important letters to entertainment provisions like cigars, smoking pipes, harmonicas, and dice. The Carriel was designed to accommodate money, love letters, and family photographs.

Traditionally, a Carriel consists of 12 compartments and 5 secret inner pockets to safeguard these valuable treasures. Each traditional Carriel is a labor of love, crafted with approximately 115-124 leather pieces meticulously stitched together. Originally sewn using sewing machines, the sound of which once filled entire towns due to high demand, these bags were adorned with decorative red, green, and yellow trims. Red symbolized vitality, while green represented the towering Andes mountains, incorporating local elements into the bags.

Source / Parque Los Arrieros
Image / Traditional Carriel. Source / Jericó Antioquia

A Touch Of Love

Bomboná Cowhide Carriel

At Bomboná, our mission is to breathe new life into the century-old Carriel. We meticulously select premium cowhide from southern Colombia’s Nariño province, renowned for its exquisite full-grain natural leather. Each piece we craft is a labor of love, meticulously showcasing the unique, natural patterns of the cowhide. The materials we employ are sourced from the by-products of the local agricultural industry, a testament to our commitment to sustainability.

At the core of our brand lies a dedication to supporting local artisans and fostering community development. Every item we create is a product of the skilled hands of traditional artisan families in Nariño. Our ultimate goal is to share Colombia’s rich tapestry of traditional culture with the world. Through our work, we aim to deliver the highest quality handcrafted masterpieces that capture centuries-old craftsmanship while showcasing the beauty of Colombia’s heritage to a global audience.

Pure Leather Carriel

Bomboná coffee saddlebags are 100% handmade in Colombia, using locally sourced natural leather carefully selected from premium cowhide and full-grain leather, showcasing the authentic textures that only grow more captivating over time.

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