What You didn’t know about Colombia – Land of Ruanas

Did you know that the famous French Impressionist Camille Pissarro also wore a Colombian ruana?

When the Spanish arrived in the current Cundinamarca-Boyacá region in the sixteenth century, they observed that the Chibchas, the native inhabitants, wore a dress adapted to the low temperatures in the region, which also reflected their social status and gender differentiation. Women wore a long, square blanket called Chircate, reaching their ankles, while men were covered with a short wool poncho to their knees. In the Chibcha language, “Ruana” means “Land of Blankets.” The traditional ruana from Cundinamarca-Boyacá is a craft product made of 100% virgin wool and woven on a loom. It exhibits high quality and durable characteristics with a smooth texture. These products are crafted by traditional indigenous families from Nobsa, a small town located approximately four hours northeast of the country’s capital, Bogota. If you’re visiting Colombia from colder climates, the ruana will be a perfect gift for your friends and family when winter comes…

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