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At Bomboná Colombia, we are dedicated to celebrating Colombia’s rich heritage and vibrant culture while prioritizing our commitment to the planet. Our team transforms traditional Colombian craftsmanship into contemporary designs, creating unique pieces that elegantly blend sophistication and tradition. Central to our brand is the iconic century-old coffee saddlebag, a fusion of leather and accessories.

Our guiding principle centers on preserving “Cultural Heritage” by merging tradition with craftsmanship. The leather used in our collections comes from the full-grain leather of Colombia’s Nariño region, celebrated for its exceptional quality. We collaborate exclusively with local artisans who uphold century-old practices, ensuring unmatched precision and quality in our saddlebags.

Our commitment extends to sustainability and social responsibility. We proudly manufacture everything in Colombia, using ethically sourced leather from agricultural by-products, vegetable oil-based inks for packaging, and partnering with a single mothers’ association to craft our signature dust bags, supporting local disadvantaged families.

Our designs pay tribute to the modern, independent woman—the embodiment of self-assuredness in the face of life’s challenges, the curiosity to explore the world, and the unwavering courage to believe in herself. At Bomboná Colombia, we wholeheartedly believe that every woman can embark on her unique journey and embrace her own distinct essence.

Our Commitments

Made in Colombia

Every piece is a unique creation, meticulously handcrafted with care. Our collections boast a limited number of exclusive items that cannot be found anywhere else. We reimagine the age-old Colombian Carriel bag with a distinct minimalist design tailored for modern women

Finest Leather

We exclusively source full-grain bovine leather, renowned for its exceptional quality, strength, and durability. Our leather is a byproduct of Nariño’s farming industry, celebrated for its pristine natural beauty and ideal climates, yielding the country’s finest.



We purposely employ resilient materials and sustainable packaging to minimize our environmental footprint. We consciously avoid paper tags and plastic bags, choosing flat-fold boxes and vegetable-based printing inks for a reduced impact to the environment

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